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A warm welcome to one of our latest businesses to join buzzella – The Cotton Ear Company. We caught up with business owner Kate Thorne to find out more about her beautiful toys.

Tell us about your new business called The Cotton Ear Company…
I taught myself to crochet three years ago, I became slightly obsessed with different types of hooks and yarn. Trying every technique and pattern I could find. 
This year it felt right to find a product I loved and set up a little cottage industry, and that’s how The Cotton Ear Company became a reality.
How did your interest in making toys start?
The nature of crochet means you can make a vast variety of things and amigurumi has been something I have wanted to master since teaching myself 3 years ago.
Why do you think your toys are so popular?
I think they are simple and look very sweet. I also use a quality cotton that comes in 100 colours, so I’m not limited in my designs.
Have you any favourites that you make? 
I love the medium sized cotton ear bunnies as I can go to town on their clothes, I’ve got some jumper designs I’m going to be working on and want to dress some in their hats and scarves, so they are in keeping with the season. I plan to make optional Christmas hats too! 
What are your future aspirations for The Cotton Ear Company?
I have four children, two of which are autistic so predominantly my main job is as a full time mum and carer. But crochet is my therapy. So for now I just feel very fortunate that people are enjoying what I make and I just hope it continues.
Why not visit The Cotton Ear Company listing to find out more 🙂


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