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Simply go to the ‘Submit Listing’ menu option – there are two types of listing options to choose from.

‘Basic’ which is FREE

‘Gold’ which is a paid listing option. 

If someone has kindly added your business or service using the basic membership but you would like to take over the listing details, please get in touch with us directly at listings(@)

Please get in touch with us at general(at)

Of course you can, we are more than happy for a plug or a link to buZZella.


Please check the size of the image — it may well be too large.

If you are having problems with the ‘Feature Image’ try loading the image into the general info box and removing it. But, do not remove from the media library. Then try the ‘Feature Image’ again — the image should be loaded already in the gallery.

Basic – NO

Gold – YES – annual membership lasts for a year.

Yes! But please bare in mind many people tend to look at ratings very carefully before they make a decision!

If you have started your listing as ‘Basic’, rather than start all over again we can upgrade to Gold.

(Payment will still need to be made).

Please check your ‘Junk’ or ‘Spam’ folder!

If it’s not there, please get in touch with us: listings(at)

Basic — one listing limit

Gold – 5 listings limit

Yes  – within your buZZella dashboard, simply select the ‘Trash’ button and this will delete it.

Please get in touch with us: general(at)

No. To highlight the area that you cover, you may wish to just complete a Google Map – GPS on the county that you are based in.

No, sorry we can’t help. Anyone wishing to advertise will need to supply us with the banner material.

Your image that you are uploading needs to be of a high resolution and a good size.

For best results it needs to be wider than 840 px.

Within the user dashboard, within the new listing create mode.

On the right-hand side there is a ‘Feature Image’ option, select this to upload your image.

Simply register for a ‘Gold’ listing. You will then be taken to the Paypal interface.
From there you can either pay as a ‘guest user’ or alternatively you can use your Paypal account if you have one.

Sometimes technology doesn’t behave itself. Please could you get in touch with us at listings(at) along with your site details so that we can amend this for you.

If your business has more than one UK location, you will need to set these up as individual sites to attach a location for the map. The main content description can be copied and pasted so you won’t have to rewrite this part. But, you will have to complete contact details – including a new location address for each site.

No problem. We do have a listing service for businesses that are very busy or rather leave that part of technology to someone else.
We charge £20 per listing, this also guarantees your listing will be shown for 18 months (rather than the typical 12 months) from the very first day it appears.
You will need to supply all written word and good quality images.
We will try to get your listing up as quickly as possible, however depending on the number of listings that may come through it can take as long as 1 week to action.

We are simply a listings website and provide a 3rd party service.

To protect other users, we would certainly look to remove a listing should it be a cause for concern.

Please email your concerns to listings(at)

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