6 year old’s adventurous birthday party..

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The three months leading up to her birthday, my then 5 year old started planning her birthday celebrations.. She made notes… sketched ideas… and at every opportunity reminded us that she’d only be 6 once..

My determined daughter had set her mind on writing a short film.. appearing in the film alongside her school friends and finally getting to see it at the local cinema. I nodded along hoping she’d forget the idea.. but, that was not the case..

Luckily my partner ancinema1d I have a network of ‘film friends’ who were more than happy to lend us equipment.. my partner could edit and I could cover the organising. So we set to work. Firstly, I messaged the mummies who I had contact details for and asked if anyone would be interested in getting involved with this slightly unusual birthday ‘adventure’. The mummies were all in support and thankfully excited at the idea.

A few weeks later we started filmed and praying for dry weather. Little children ran around the garden. Mummies took turns holding a boom mic. Green screens shaking with the wind. cinema3And random cars slowly driving past taking a peek into the garden. (For the little super stars, I’d put up a VIP sign with an arrow to direct cars along to the right house..)

It took my partner about 2-3 days of editing and jug of coffee to supply the local cinema with some files for testing.

We booked the cinema for an early showing on a Sunday, with the short film showing before ‘Minions’. The children really enjoyed watching themselves on the big screen, along with their family members. My daughter declared it to be the best birthday ever.. (She has already started planning her next birthday party…)



If you are planning something similar, booking the local cinema can be as cheap as from £150.00+. Especially if you choose a screening in the morning. Alternatively, a local hall with a screen comes in cheaper. Most households have access to a recording device such as a camcorder or even a mobile within a homemade ‘movie camera’ prop. 

Cinematic party props such as a ‘red carpet’, gold/silver balloons, fake Oscar cardboard cutouts and so on.. can add some extra ‘party bling’. These can be brought cheaply. 





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