The modern way to collect for a gift. Leetchi!

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Finally, an easy way to collect for a gift. I found Leetchi!

I completely dread the whole experience of collecting for a gift. Time consuming, stressful and hair ripping. Does anyone like chasing people down the road for a few pennies? The collections are endless… there’s the end of term teacher present, the disappearing soon work colleague, the adventurous hen parties and so on…  So for a few chaotic years I hoped that one day someone would come up with an easier solution. FINALLY. Someone has!

Like everyone else I simply googled and hoped to find something to help me. There it was! Leetchi! Founded by Céline Lazorthes back in 2009, it has now launched in the UK. With 7 million users in 150 countries using it, it must be good. Easy and secure way for people to collect money together online with the aim to finance any type of project. It seems like a perfect solution for both individuals and charities, big or small, to raise funds from donors all over the world. The fees seem reasonable and it integrates with social media.

OK… so how does it work? With just a few clicks a user can create a personalised ‘money pot’ and invite friends
and project supporters to contribute. Each person can easily chip in to an online money pot by simply using their a credit or debit card. Once money has been raised, the organiser can choose when and how they’d like to spend it. It’s 100% free to spend it on partner sites or there’s a 2.9 – 4% bank transfer fee. The money pot can also be transferred directly to the beneficiary via email.

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