Presents for the people who have everything

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The rich presents list.

The majority are restricted by budget and time when it comes to buying gifts or presents. The budget may well be the loose change found down the side of the sofa (along with the sticky sweets and random Lego heads). If we are buying for an older age bracket, our thoughts then move to useful or practical. After all, we don’t want to add more clutter. Does Nanna really want another ornament to add to her already growing and dusty collection? Then, there’s the moment of making mental notes… After seeing the holes growing in the armpits of my partner’s dressing gown, I was left to make a mental note. So, you can guess what he got for his 40th birthday. Lucky man.


Use your imagination.

But, can you image what it must be like to find the perfect gift for someone who has everything? I’m talking about the super rich. Imagine if money really wasn’t an object. And image that your household has everything, and I mean everything. What happens when their birthday comes up? Armed with endless flowing coffee, it may well mean trawling over the internet for hours! Looking for unique – and that type of unique does come at a cost.

My unique is home-made and inexpensive… Our imagination and budget are the limits. For one such example, I remember fondly how my father came up with a unique gift for Christmas. Bare in mind we were super poor. Really poor. But rich in imagination. Christmas day saw his four daughters excitedly opening presents. We each received a hair brush with our names engraved on the wooden handle. I’d never seen a hairbrush like it before. Excitedly I pull it out of my bag at school and used it. Imagine my dismay when a girl piped out “that’s a dog brush!”. But, a lot of thought had gone into that present, and despite the shocking discovering, it was still a present that my dad had taken the trouble to engrave with my name!

The rich gift list.

It’s always fun to have a nose at a potential ‘rich gift list’. Admittedly there are certainly some interesting gifts to be had. I have spent some time looking to find the most intriguing, interesting and jaw dropping gifts for the super rich. Perhaps it might help on your mission to buy gifts…  But, maybe it’s got your own imagination sparked up to create your own masterpieces. I would say if you like the idea of creating special little edible gifts, with a teeny bit of luxury, why not look to add some edible gold? Believe it or not, can be found in most supermarkets!


Just a few favourites…


Fed up with the boring cheap toilet paper? Why not surprise the birthday girl or boy with 24-carat gold ‘Happy Birthday’ toilet paper? Instead of spending a penny, it could now amount to a few pounds…

178.50€ (roughly £178.50)

Credit: Tissue Design –



Check this mobile phone out …’Clous de Paris Red Gold’. Comes in polished 18 Carat Red Gold, black leather, polished black Sapphire Face and Keys, along with Ruby Vertu Keys.

Credit: Vertu –
With only ten allocated to the UK, this is a very rare release of the highest quality champagne. Known as LOUIS ROEDERER Cristal Methuselah 6000ml. Yours for…


Credit: Selfridges  –





It’s the Aerobull Speaker. What to know how much this doggie in the window is? A majestic mutt’s harbouring high definition speakers.  The best part? It’s all encased gloriously within a chrome plated ABS shell.



Credit: Firebox –



The ultimate in shoelaces… Pure 24 carat gold and silver shoelaces which take about 120 hrs to perfect.

If you are tempted, they will be delivered by security and laced for you anywhere in the world.

For two 24 carat gold laces – $19,000 (around £14320.30)

Credit: Mr Kennedy –


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