Acting the Party

Included in the packs are invitations, game accessories, and of course the fantasy audio play read by a professional actor or narrator, giving clear instructional prompts throughout.

With Acting the Party you will get a complete 2 hour fun-filled, themed role-playing audio entertainment – an audio bumper birthday treat!
Watch as the children become performers in their very own show.

It’s a party play that’s all set up and ready to go!

Best of all you will feel safe knowing it will hold their attention, and the kids will love it!!

Our birthday parties are very high quality audio dramas, designed specifically for discerning parents who want to give their child a great party at home, without chaos, or the need to spend a fortune. They also include all the very best traditional party games.

The feedback we have received is that parents can’t believe how easy it is, outstanding quality, and exceptional value for money.


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