Auberge du Chocolat

Price range from £7.50 per child, plus additional costs.

Children and chocolate are an ideal combination – provided they are not in your home! We have parties perfectly tailored just for them. We offer three types of  partiy depending on age. Our prize winning ice cream is the perfect complement (at extra cost) Children take home all they make, so no need for you to buy party bags

All parties are booked with a non-returnable :£50 deposit

Chocolate plaque parties (suitable for ages 4-9 years)

– One and a half hours

– Cost £75 plus £7.50 per child
– Parties are themed around a topic of your choice

– There must be a minimum of 8 children.

Children play a game at the start – finger paint in chocolate on a chocolate car or figure – then create a picture on a chocolate plaque based on their theme using finger chocolate painting and sweets.


Moulding parties (ages 9+)

– Party lasts two hours

– cost £100 plus £7.50 per child
– Moulds used depend on age of children

– There must be a minimum of 8 children.

Play a game at the start  – then create their own chocolate figure using a mould which is then decorated – they use a nmber of different techniques

NEW – Teenage Party, by popular demand!

– This party will last for 2 and 1/2 hours

– It costs £25/child

– There is a minimum of 8

– It is ONLY available at Chesham.

Children will design and make boxes out of chocolate which they then decorate and fill with chocolate goodies.


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