Role Play World (Salisbury)

Prices for exclusive use: £180.00. Aimed at children from walking to 7/8 (although there is no age restriction – you know your child best!).

Role Play World’ offers an educational and innovative children’s play experience, where children can learn through play. Seeing the world through little eyes, Role Play World is an alternating environment with fantasy and real-life experiences in a variety of role-play areas. Our ever changing role-play areas are built to emulate a classroom role-play area, bridging the gap between nurseries, schools and pre-schools.

Each role-play area is designed to interest children and entice them to engage in imaginative role-play. Children will broaden personal, social and emotional development, expand language and communication skills and evolve their knowledge of the world they live in. All whilst becoming lost in an imaginative world! The resources provided in each area will help encourage and extend play opportunities. Through role-play children’s imaginations will flourish in a stimulating learning environment. By changing role-play areas we can actively ensure children have fresh and exciting role-play experiences, which change with the times and encourage children to want to come back again and again!

We are very sorry Role Play World Salisbury is not accessible by wheelchair as many of the buildings date back to the 1930’s.

Role Play World Salisbury Zones

Role-play areas will include day-day experiences like a supermarket and construction site, but also extend to environments out of this world like Space!

New role-play areas will be introduced following the children’s interests and requests in our ‘feature room’. They might also be topical and link to seasonal events like Christmas!


Have the role-play area exclusive for your party for:

  • £180.00 midweek
  • £180.00 weekend

You may bring your own food and cake or order party boxes through the Edinburgh Woollen Mill –just ask for details.

The entire role-play area and seating area is exclusively yours for the full 90 minute session, You are required to clear any food and rubbish before you leave.



  • Unit 13aFF, Wilton Shopping Village, Wilton, Salisbury SP2 0RS
  • 01722 632452
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