Presents for the people who have everything

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The rich presents list. The majority are restricted by budget and time when it comes to buying gifts or presents. The budget may well be the loose change found down the side of the sofa (along with the sticky sweets and random Lego heads). If we are buying for an older age bracket, our thoughts […]

Magic Rainbow Birthday Cake delight!

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Rainbow cake heaven Oh… my… always on the look out for amazing cakes, and this one from Dr. Oetker, certainly left me feeling the cake magic. I especially love the idea it looks gorgeous on the outside, then there’s the beautiful and colourful surprise once you start slicing into it. So, here’s the recipe! 12 […]

Pamper Party!

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This was the ingenious pamper party setup by mum-of-two Sarah. Rather than hiring a company in, Sarah decided to source out everything needed. From getting friends to lend a hand to picking up discounted items, allowing Sarah to save a few pennies. The garden was big enough to put up a big gazebo, giving enough […]