The Goodbye and Hello Tea Party

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It can be quite difficult to work out a party theme for a ‘mini occasion’, in this instance we are talking about a 6 year old moving to a new school. After a little chat, she asked if we could do a ‘Goodbye and Hello Tea Party’. I nodded. What exactly was this type of tea party? Would just worry about the finer details later. (Was secretly hoping it would be forgotten… mean mother).

On starting at the new school, I was reminded about the tea party. The ‘goodbye’ part was saying a sort of ‘goodbye’ to her old school friends. The other part – hello- was to greet her new friends. Nice idea, but how on earth was I going to get 40 odd children in the house? No way – only if we could stuff them in the living room and tell them to stay perfectly still…

Then came the idea of hiring the local soft play area for an hour, they seem to like the idea but doing a tea party theme wasn’t something they’d done before. Luckily, I had some blunting, tiered cake stands and fake flowers.

To make it extra special, I managed to find a teapot template on the internet to use as an invite. (You may want to buy these ready cut… after the 20th one, cutting through card will leave fingers with a few bubble blisters).

Happy to say the tea party worked a treat and daughter has happily settled into her new school đŸ™‚


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