Inspiration at your finger tips! Searching has never been so easy.

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Thankful for inspiration! Thank goodness for having Google within easy reach. After hearing the grand dreams of your little one, you start to think how to bring it all together for reality. Inspiration is there, you just need to hit that search button! Another way to locate some good sites is to ask friends. Particularly […]

Wonderland of children’s parties

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Here come the ideas. As quickly as our children grow their ambitions and ideas for their parties grows even faster. This is an insight earned from having two children of my own. Their sense of what a party can be grows with every party they attend and is fueled further by their own growing interests […]

Harry Potter Magic!

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Local mum was determined that her daughter’s 7th birthday should really be something magical, especially being a huge Harry Potter fan. Even if it meant spending hours preparing, sourcing and painstakingly decorating party bags. Little guests entered into the Harry Potter world through a hand crafted brick wall, which added to the delight.  (Mum spent […]

Pamper Party!

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This was the ingenious pamper party setup by mum-of-two Sarah. Rather than hiring a company in, Sarah decided to source out everything needed. From getting friends to lend a hand to picking up discounted items, allowing Sarah to save a few pennies. The garden was big enough to put up a big gazebo, giving enough […]

The Goodbye and Hello Tea Party

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  It can be quite difficult to work out a party theme for a ‘mini occasion’, in this instance we are talking about a 6 year old moving to a new school. After a little chat, she asked if we could do a ‘Goodbye and Hello Tea Party’. I nodded. What exactly was this type […]

The fun begins!

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